are there reasons?

Every tree

is susceptible to rot.

Within us,

cruelty wanders all our hearts.

It runs in veins

like gold.

We try not to follow

but some get greedy.

It’s crackling energy is powerful.


We say things

that mean nothing to us

and everything to somebody else.

And vice versa;

life is all about timing

and most of the time it goes horribly wrong.

We get frustrated we’re out of tune

with the rest of the room.


I wonder if it’s possible

we could ever align,

I think about you, and you,

all the time.

My position has to be a sign,

has to mean something

or am I just grasping?


I write some words.

They mean some things

about all of you.

People like them

and hate them

but I feel them

through every fibre

in the moments I create.

As long as one other person

can relate, I’m okay.

If I’m alone I don’t know what to say.

Either way,

I get on with the day.



You are the feeling

of listening to a storm from a safe place.

You are the feeling

of being underwater and still able to breathe.

You are the feeling

of being in the air and

not hearing the land.


I used to think talking was the only thing,

now I’m understanding

there’s other ways of communicating.


It can just be

a look or a movement.

The touch of a hand

can make your hair stand

and you know they

are someone who makes you feel alive,

helps you to survive.


That does not mean they

feel the same way.