Three Words

We’ve all met them.

They permeate certain

parts of the air.

Some of us breathe them in,

some of us too open to speaking, engaging.

Then they talk to us.

Tangling inside,

worming away,


they make us listen.

We can’t shut them out.


One is a sepia photograph,

with tendrils to the past,

turning happiness a different colour.

Memories invoke such desire,

an agonising state

where one of your rooms has been locked

and inside; a fire.

Burning all this time,

but you have neither key or water.

He won’t let you put it out.


One is an ocean,

at such a hue

to make you think of nothing,

and everything.

Find meaning in all things

but also no consequence

in anything.

You can only take the well trodden path

of the lonely, sad and pensive.

This is a quiet place,

locked away too.

Nothing moves in a straight line.

He won’t let you speed up.


There’s another,

a darker being.


Less careful,

more powerful.

I don’t believe I’ve met him.

Perhaps I’ve seen him,

his back turned

or felt his presence close by.

Maybe he’s searched and I’ve avoided his eye.

I hope he never catches me with full glare.

He doesn’t talk,

simply turns all the lights off,

replaces them with dimmer bulbs

that can flicker to life

when he wants them too.

He’s a destroyer,

the two his helpers.


It’s that time of year again,

an end and a beginning.

The time when you’re meant to make things happen.

But I will probably visit a park,

one with a view,

sit on the swing

and hopefully see something new.

Mechanics (Body Parts)

When the tide turns,
I’ll let you know.
When my toes stop curling,
when my fingers aren’t clenching.

To be sensitive
can be emotionally expensive.
When I let go,
I’ll let you know.
When my vessels flow free,
when my muscles don’t contract.

It shouldn’t be so strange
to speak to someone.
When I find my range,
I’ll talk to you.
When my brain fires,
when my tongue unravels.

To move as one,
there needs to be fun.
When I find some,
I’ll take you there.
When my teeth straighten,
when my legs stop aching.

Warmth is not a temperature
it is an expression.
I feel it
when your eyes reach mine.
When my cheeks grow round,
when my heart pounds.

Is a dream just a desire
or a fear?
Is it nothing more?
You walk through my night
all the time.
Do you remember
the steps you took in my head?
Do you wake and get the sense
you didn’t spend all night in bed?

Complex doesn’t have to be hard,
simple isn’t always easy.
When I convince you
I won’t act like I won.
When my lips rise,
when my soul flies.

When you find someone,
you have to try.
Or be alone
the day you die.