Put me on a billboard,

watch my eyes turn away.

I see the floor,

it doesn’t tell me how to find…

Put a celebrity in an empty room,

take the light off them,

see them fade away.


The way ice cream melts

reminds me of the moments

I’ve sunken into myself

for reasons unknown.

There was a time

when the world wasn’t so big,

when creation was exclusive,

and life unaltered.

Left to its own devices.

Now there’s too many vices.


I don’t want to be a receptacle

for the pain that jumps off the page,

the screen.

The screams I imagine,

the fear clamouring in.

Where’s evil,

where’s the reason

It keeps existing?

I admit I wonder

how I could ever make a difference.


Come on.

We’re adults now,

we can talk.

We can be honest.

The truth

does not have to be uncomfortable

or hard to utter.


Like the open mouth

of a storm-fed waterfall,

let it flow.

What you feel

is never meaningless.

Like the open sky,

I always have room for your voice.

Let me hear you,

take the strength

I can give to you.


My thoughtful inattention

comes off as disconnection

I know.

It seems like I’m not listening

when it’s only that I’m contemplating.

I’m thinking about what you said

two minutes ago.

Or I look in your eyes

and swear I see

landscapes moving there.

They’re beautiful places, of course I’d like to go there.

And I know,

well I’ve always been told,

that it’s rude to stare.


So I retreat

and start thinking about

the way people speak.

Close proximity

can make some meek

while over distance

they become bold.

Technology grows kids too old,

they say and hear things they are not ready for,

and adults forget consequences

or choose to ignore.

They turn confident,

sometimes cruel,

sometimes thinking they’re cool.

Often it’s too hard

to work out what is truth

and what is meaningless.

These are the things that make me stress.


Then I’m back,

asking what you said,

chastising me

in my head.

Take this with you from now on;

every moment can be learned from.