Too Young

Isn’t it funny how we change?

Altering unconsciously,


morphing into someone new.

That song we never liked,

we love.

The film we never understood,

we get it now.

A person we never paid attention to,

suddenly beautiful.


Without realising,

we make mistakes

that wait years

to let us know we were wrong.

Then we wonder if we can still fix it

after so, so long.


We try

but a second chance is never

as good as the first

because we have changed.

Now rearranged,

there’s a little less youth

in our heart and our skin.

How do you pour it back in?


Life is linear.

You can try to put the brakes on

but you’ll keep sliding

and those forks in the road

keep coming.

Do you choose peace

or agitation?

Our limited sight

leads us to misdirection

over connection.

Instead we sit in isolation

on the path with no water,

no shade, no stars.

Then complain that life is hard.


I will think very carefully

about what I do,

what I have and what I lack

take every clue,

cos’ just like a ski slope

there’s no turning back.



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