simple as that

I don’t rhyme very much

cos’ it’s much too tough,

the stress on my brain is way too rough.

Sometimes though, the pain is worth it.

I was floating in the surf

hoping it wasn’t a shark


thinkin’ about the girl I like

wondering if she’d had enough of me.

There’s something about her,

she’s got this aura I can’t ignore

and I adore her.

Every morning,

before the day comes swarming,

and too many thoughts fill my head

for me to get out of bed,

I see her face,

and hear the words I should have said.

But it’s not a race

and I wish for more time;

to make her mine,

to change her mind.

Make this something that’ll last,

make me forget my past.

I guess it’s a gamble,

the die is cast

and I tend to ramble

cos’ she makes me nervous

every time I try to speak about us.

I can’t be weak,

can’t let my resolve leak,

she has to know how I feel

and for my soul,

she has the power to heal.



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