Part 1

Spin your lucky coin

Spin it seven times if you think it makes a difference.

Spin it until it’s cork-screwed

into the table.

Spitting out woodchips,

superstitious shrapnel.

That’s what people do,

even me and you.


I’ve always found luck

to be a curious thing.

You never feel it coming

and you never feel it going

and you never see it


You just put it down to luck

but what if it doesn’t exist?

What if events and instances are just a matter of our choices

and we make all the wrong ones?

Well I suppose I believe in that more

because I know that I’ve done it

many times before.


Bad luck

is just a combination

of a lot of bad thoughts and a lot of wrong decisions,

and good luck

is the just the result of a positive mind

and a positive mind is the best thing

you can have

but it’s not so easy to find.


Part 2

The answer won’t change

if the question stays the same

and dust will quickly make hay

if the cloth is put away.

I pulled the phone off the hook

but then hoped you wouldn’t answer,

released the change,

pocketed it for a rainy day.


I remember

the time

I was on the other end of the line

to hear your hysterical account.

I whispered back

that it probably wouldn’t work out.


In my minds eye

I saw you wilt,

a spent force as the postman passed me by.

He was always smiling

like he believed

he never delivered bad news.

He asked what happened

and with nothing to say,

I shook my head as the ambulance left

and wished for the wind to blow him away.


The phone to my ear again

I knew you’d come

and I knew what I’d say.

What better way

to say thank you

than to tell someone

they owe you something.


Part 3

Scatter-gun crunch on the road,

crystals splattered all blood-red.

Asking what’s your name?

I stopped next to the dying man’s head.




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