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made my bones rattle,

you made my sinews quiver.


And I don’t know how (I don’t know how),

all you did was look in my eyes.



made my soul throb,

you made my veins course.


And I don’t know how (I don’t know how),

all you did was show your smile.



made my heart talk,

you made my brain steam.


And I don’t know how (I don’t know how),

all you did was touch my hand.


You made my hair stand,

you made my nerves jump,

you made my throat lump,

my pulse thump.


Part of me screamed for help

and wanted to melt.

But it was like nothing I’ve ever felt

and I wanted to be nowhere else.


I don’t know how,

I don’t know how you did it.

And I don’t know how to tell you.


I see the sadness in people’s eyes

even when it’s not there yet.

I know how their story might end.

Chances are there’s a divorce or cancer in store for them,

and they won’t be able to fix it.


And I look around and realise

it doesn’t matter if you’re the kindest person

on earth or the worst.

Fate pays no heed to that.


And I don’t read the papers much

but I see the headlines on the net

and all I see are ages close to mine

and they’re never gonna rise

and it gets me down sometimes.


And all the animals that walk across the land

get snuffed out quicker than you can say ‘deserve’

and they never get a chance to say goodbye to anyone or anything.

We don’t know what they leave behind

when they disappear.

We don’t know their minds, we don’t know their families.


And this is all the inside of me.

The outside is the opposite and I give it to you

because I don’t want you to

feel what I feel.

It’s crushing, it’s very heavy.

So I want you to smile and enjoy life.

Don’t worry about too much

because there is nothing we can do to make this world right.